Dear John

Take a peak at one of the memos that Julie, the Compliance officer, has sent to John (The Boss) recently … Dear John, Did you realise that you’re no longer the Apportionment and Oversight officer for J P Leefe & Company?  The FSA (Financial Services Authority), in its wisdom, has decided that a company of

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Making a Will

Don’t leave your loved ones with additional costs and complications People who die without a valid will, or intestate, leave costs and complications to their loved ones and often gift thousands of pounds to the State in what may be avoidable Inheritance Tax (IHT). The Law Society says that anyone with assets and family or

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Retirement Planning

Transferring pensions There are a number of different reasons why you may wish to consider transferring your pension schemes, whether this is the result of a change of employment, poor investment performance, high charges and issues over the security of the pensionscheme, or a need to improve flexibility. You might well have several different types

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